Piano- en muziekdocent, pianist en muziekregisseur

Pianoles aan huis en pianobegeleiding


Lita Kranendonk is a piano/music teacher and pianist living in the Netherlands since 2016.

She learned to play piano at the music school in Jakarta since she was 4. In 2005 she graduated classical piano with "Judicium A" from SM YPM in Jakarta under Vanda Tiodang. She has a double bachelor's degree in English language and education from the Atma Jaya Catholic University in Jakarta .

Since 2005 she has experience in teaching music at music schools and the Gandhi Memorial International School, and as a private piano teacher. Besides teaching music at the International School, she was also music director for school musicals, led student orchestras and -choirs and she coached several bands.

Besides this she worked in education management at Singapore International School and she also taught English language and Business English to children and adults at English First in Jakarta.

She has performed chamber music concerts, played in music ensembles and a jazz band, and accompanied several choirs.

Besides teaching piano, Lita is following a pre-master psychology programme at this moment. She also played together with flutist Geertje Hoekstra as an ensemble duo. This has been paused due to Covid.

N.D. Kranendonk - Recital